Do you know about the luck that

four leaf clovers possess?

Legend says that

the Great Napoleon dodged a bullet

when he bent down to pick one out.

Within the same century,

Abe Lincoln never missed a day

without his four leaf clover, except on his last at the theater.

Each of these clovers holds

faith, hope, love, and luck,

all of which . . .

. . . you now have the power to share and spread every day

Keep scrolling to see how you can spread the luck and happiness through your passions! You just might save someone's life.

Our Clover Products

Dried Four Leaf Clover

• Genuine Trifolium Repens
• Decorative use for any beverage or dish
• Food grade and safe for consumption
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Laminated Four Leaf Clover & Envelope

• Laminated genuine Trifolium Repens
• Customizable branding on card and envelope
• Great for weddings, conferences, holidays, and personalized branding opportunities
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More about our four leaf clover products

Clients in the food industry particularly enjoy our clovers to capture the perfect photo. We are now supplying Fontainebleau Las Vegas since its opening in December 2023. Our clovers were even used in Starbucks locations all around South Korea.


Our Trifolium Repens clovers are the only edible four leaf clovers available today. They are non-GMO and cultivated with lots of care, and of course, a bit of luck. We currently offer our clovers in dried forms grown in South Korea.

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If a man walking the fields find any four-leaved grass, he shall in a small while after find some good thing.
- Sir John Melton
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